Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence Supplies

A variety of products like enuresis alarms or bedside enuresis alarms exists and wet detection device that can be attached to the under wear or bedwetting pad on which the individual sleeps. Along with these incontinence supplies there are water proof bedwetting pads.

Water Proof Matter Covers

A variety of products exists to protect the bed including plastic mattress covers; water proof bedding, absorbing protective bedding covers and plastic sheet protectors which can make clean up easier.
You can choose from different types of waterproof beddings to suit your needs.

1. Quilted Waterproof Bedding
They are reuse able washable and absorbs up to 6 cups of liquid.

2. Reversible Waterproof Bedding
Reusable washable, super absorbent ultra thin can be used either side protects bed from urine stains.

3. Bamboo Waterproof Bedding
Reusable waterproof Bamboo bedding can be used either side to protect bed from any accidental liquid spills or urine. Holds up to 6 cups of liquid.

4. Odor Control Waterproof Bedding
Reusable, washable, helps control bacteria growth within under pads to eliminate the source of odor.

5. Stain Resistant Waterproof Bedding
Reusable Washable, Water proof bedding keeps the overlay fresh without any stain.

6. Plastic Mattress Covers
They can be used using your top sheet to cover them. All other water proof bedding or protective bedding has plastic sheets in them to save your bedding from any liquid spills.