Enuresis Treatment

Enuresis Treatment

Most children outgrow bedwetting without treatment. There are two kinds of treatment that can help a bed wetter to stop wetting. They are

  1. Behavior therapy
  2. Medicine

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy helps teach your child not to wet the bed or stop enuresis. Behavior treatment includes following—

  1. Let your bed wetter child use the bathroom before sleeping.
  2. Limit fluids 2 hours before bedtime.
  3. Let your child practice bladder training like holding urine for longer time during the day.
  4. Do not punish your child let them know it is not their fault.
  5. Boost childrens confidence by rewarding them for each dry night.
  6. The most effective way to stop enuresis is to use enuresis alarms which rings when the bed gets wet and teaches the child connection between brain and bladder sensation at night.